Editing isn’t so terrible, is it?

If you cringed just reading the title of this blog post, you’re not alone. Most writers I’ve talked to about their craft lament that editing is the worst part of the writing process. They would much rather simply create, getting words on paper and not think about editing.

I used to be in the same boat until I started submitting my work, suddenly realizing nothing was ready to be sent out. It was a huge undertaking getting my stories ready. It was my own fault, but it did nothing to lessen my hatred of the editing process.

When I took over as Managing Editor for Storyteller Magazine, something changed. I found editing other author’s work to be rewarding. Helping them grow as writers and learn the craft was incredible. It also made me a better editor. The more pieces I edited, the quicker I found inconsistencies, errors, and areas in need of improvement.

And then something really weird happened.

I found I loved editing my own work as well. I honestly think it had to do with the fact I had honed my editing skills to the point that it wasn’t a huge undertaking any longer. It wasn’t like pulling teeth. It was honestly just part of the process.

What I find happens now while editing is I get excited about what I created. Sometimes it leads to writing a second book and turning the original idea into a series, while other times it just fuels the idea machine in my head for something entirely different.

I would urge you to try and not shy away from it. Embrace editing as part of the process. As with anything, the more you do it, the better you will become. Who knows, you might surprise yourself and grow to enjoy it the way I do. (I ducked in case you were throwing something at the screen)

Keep writing!



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