David J. Gibbs was born and raised in the greater Cincinnati area. The oldest of three, he protected his younger brother and sister from neighborhood bullies and the monsters under their beds. Spending a great deal of time building tree forts while exploring the expansive Muskegon Woods around his home, he let his imagination run wild with stories and legends of the area. He always sought out the inexplicable and enjoyed roaming the darkness of campfire tales and monster stories.

An Eagle Scout, he has always enjoyed the outdoors, camping and hiking all across the country. A gifted athlete, he particularly excelled at soccer and track and field. He has become a nationally certified soccer coach and continues to instill his love of the game through his coaching. He is an accomplished musician as well, playing Cincinnati area gigs regularly with his band Spare Change.

Though he has always enjoyed writing stories, it wasn’t until the third grade, when Miss Cummings requested a meeting with his parents over a story he had written, that he began to focus on darker elements and creepy things. That particular story was about an axe murderer lurking in the woods surrounding the school. He chopped up students and stored the parts in a small shack. It truly disturbed his teacher.

Afterward, David began spending hours using his mothers manual typewriter on the kitchen table writing all kinds of stories. His first novel was finished in the back seat of his parents car in a spiral notebook while on vacation sitting in the parking lot of Saint Augustine, FL. He has since graduated from the manual typewriter to a laptop, but his subject matter remains dark. Never losing touch with the wonder and magic of childhood, he continues to push the limits of imagination with his stories. A web designer by day and rock n roll super hero by night, he is always seeking the threads in his daily life that will lead to stories that will excite, delight, scare and, most of all, surprise his readers.

Authors he enjoys reading include; Caleb Carr, Peter Straub, Stephen King, Jeffrey Deaver, James Patterson, Dean Koontz, H.P. Lovecraft and Michael Connelly.