Monsters Among Us Anthology

This Bloody Kisses Press Anthology features my ‘All Tied Up’ piece about an abusive relationship in which the victim turns the tables in a most satisfying way.

The main character of this piece was so interesting to me, she went on to live in my Darke County series.





Dead of Winter: An Anthology

Mighty Quill Books released this anthology with my story ‘Spotlight’ in it. This is a story based on something we do every year when it gets dark on Thanksgiving.

Michael loves playing spotlight with his cousins racing around the farm after the sun goes down. This year is different though as Michael stumbles upon the true meaning of Thanksgiving.





After the Happily Ever After:  Fractured Fairytales

Over seventy fractured fairy tales are featured in this anthology from Transmundane Press. These all center around what happens after the supposed happy ending of fairy tales we all know so well.

My piece is entitled ‘Drizella’ and follows one of Cinderella’s step-sisters that plots her revenge against the one woman that has stolen her chance at happiness.

This is due to be released in the coming months.





Grey Matter Monsters: Takers of Souls

This anthology features stories about the terrifying things that humans become either through circumstance or by choice.  My piece ‘All Tied Up’ is featured in this collection.

Frank wakes up to find himself tied to a chair.  He can’t believe that his mousy wife Annie had enough  nerve to try and get away with this.  As he rampages through the house searching for her, he finds out she’s been keeping something from him.

This is dues to  be released in the coming months.




Stories From The Near Future

All of the stories in this anthology center around the near future.  Looking at our world and how it might be just a few decades away,  whether through technology or social construct how might it differ from ours?   My piece ‘Toll Men’ is featured in this anthology.

When a member of the ‘League of Toll Men’ arrives at an accident to determine if the victim is someone who can help one of his clients, his world begins to crumble when an officer resents his presence.




Shadows in Salem: Wicked Tales from the Witch City


Published by Fundead Publications, this anthology features stories all set in Salem, Massachusetts.  ‘Needle and Bone’ is featured.

When Darby stumbles across the strange man known as Weatherby who lurks in the poorest sections of town, he draws back the curtain to reveal one of Salem’s biggest secrets.

Check out the promo vid below for the collection released 09/06/16





The Yellow Booke III

The third installment of this anthology, from Olde Style Press, Yellow Booke III features ‘Starting Over’.

After a flood, Luther begins to realize that things are exactly what they seem in his neighborhood.  Falling asleep in his lawn chair after working in the hot sun, he’s suddenly awakened.  Another flood strikes without warning, tearing away at his flesh.  Luther helps his annoying neighbor and his young boy to safety.  When they finally reach the roof of a nearby building, Luther’s world is cruelly pulled out from under him.

Free PDF Download of YellowBooke III


Ghosts Redemption

This anthology was paired with Ugly Babies 3, both published James Ward Kirk Publishing.  Featuring the flash fiction piece ‘Loss and Found’, this story follows a grieving husband who realizes that forever is a really long time.





Creepy Campfire Quarterly

Published by EMP Publishing, Creepy Campfire Quarterly features ‘One Good Deed’.  When a tired musician, driving back from a gig, sees a stranded motorist on the side of the highway, he decides to stop to see if he can help.






Hidden in Plain Sight

Published by James Ward Kirk Publishing, this collection of stories revolve around those horrors that are in plain sight.  It features ‘The Resilient Penny’ by David J. Gibbs.  We all have a penny waiting for us somewhere in the world.  It’s a secret that very few are aware of and for those of us that find ours things will never bet he same.




Dark Monsters

Dark Monsters is an anthology published through Zimbell House Publishing featuring two stories by David J. Gibbs.  These stories are ‘Moving Day’ and ‘Snatcher of Souls’.






Tales From The Grave

This Anthology published by Zimbell House Publishing features three stories by David J. Gibbs.  They include ‘Charity Case’, ‘Flora Rose Blooms’ and ‘Caretaker’s Burden’.






A Taste of the Grave

All twenty tales were written by David J. Gibbs including fan favorites ‘Borderland’ and ‘All in Good Time’.







BookCoverImageONCE NOOK
One, Twice, Thrice

This is a collection of three novella length tales by David J. Gibbs travelling from deep space to a forgotten room for rent to an incredible place where love flourishes.